3-D Laser Scanning

What is 3-D Laser Scanning?

3-D Laser Scanning digitally captures the shape and physical dimensions of all existing conditions. The FARO Focus 3-D Laser Scanner is a highly precise measuring instrument that captures the exact size, shape, and location of all visible items, and allows for a 3-D digital representation.

Excelon Transformer Scan1 MODELED

Excelon Transformer Scan1

Swedes Scan5 With Steel

Swedes Scan5


3-D Laser Scanning Provides:

When working with existing conditions, as-built drawings may be outdated or inaccurate. 3-D Laser Scanning allows us to identify potential conflicts up front, saving both time and money, while decreasing the need for change orders in the field.

Our Virtual Design Construction (VDC) Team will collaborate and interface the 3-D scanned data with the design model. Since our VDC team is in-house, they can create an Autodesk Revit model from our scanned data. This process allows for full team collaboration while envisioning your new project, showcasing a 3-D model of every component. Having this technology in-house enables Ringland-Johnson to stay ahead of schedule, reduce risks and costs associated with the project, and increase effectiencies to maintain the highest quality projects.

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